Together we can reverse the climate crisis in 20 years

We're building an app to track and reward climate positive behaviors, and we need your help.


All the solutions already exist!

dashboard.earth brings together the most comprehensive list of solutions ever compiled and puts them at the finger tips of everyone.

 dashboard.earth connects city initiatives, grass-roots organizations, and green companies to the citizens they serve


dashboard.earth rewards citizens socially and financially for actions that reduce environmental impact in cities and at a global level.

earn and spend reward points

drive business to your sustainable product or service

measure and promote climate actions






We already have thousands of lines of code. Join our open development team. 



Do you have UI, UX, or design experience. Do you make videos or illustrate? We need you!



Its going to take money to get this off the ground. We’re looking for investors aligned with planetary health.



Bring more people onboard. Tell your friends. Shout it from the roof-tops.



Microsoft Hack for Good

July 2017 - We joined forces with Microsoft to get an alpha version of our technology up and running. Over 48 hours in Redmond more than 30 volunteers commited to our project. Collectively they donated 1200 hours and 90k lines of code.



Gayatri Roshan (co-founder)

is a writer and film-maker who has spent 15 years in the field of deep ecology. Her documentary films include Call of Life on the extinction crisis, Harmony (NBC) about the Prince of Wales and Elemental (Released USA, 2013). Gaya is catalyzing a global network of grass roots organizers and NGOs as the foundational contributors for dashboard.earth.


Stephen Marshall (co-founder)

is an author, Sundance-award winning director, and entrepreneur/technologist. His two companies, Channel Zero & GNN, were at the forefront of digital news and user-generated content. His company ora.systems, is Silicon Valley-funded start-up innovating next generation data visualization. Stephen is driving the product development for dashboard.earth.

Russell Foltz-Smith (CTO)

is a veteran of consumer internet and large scale data intelligence platforms. Over a 17 year career he has launched more than 100 web/mobile products and helped produce several company valuations totaling over $1.8 billion dollars. Most recently Russ was part of TrueCar Inc's IPO in May 2014 where he drove data product innovation with the firm.

Thomas Brodahl (Design Lead)

is a Norwegian web design pioneer with an international past. He left a life of advertising to help people start meaningful projects. His passion lies in exploring the Human Experience from all angles and devising design solutions for how we can overcome our collective challenges.

Peter Crnokrak (Systems Architect)

is one of the leading data visualization designers in the world. Emerging from a doctorate in quantitative genetics, Peter’s work takes complex systems and renders them into symbolic and intuitive graphical representations. He has been recognized by National Science Foundation and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.


Robin Scott Lawson (Partnerships)

is a London-based business executive and the CEO of My Beautiful City, a global creative agency that has designed immersive campaigns for the world's top brands.  He is a committed environmentalist with a personal network that includes many of the most influential social media stars in fashion, music, and cinema.